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OPEN LETTER to the Honourable Gavin Newsom, Governor of California - 07/08/2020

to the Honourable Gavin Newsom, Governor of California
from His Eminence Kyrill Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America 
in light of the decree issued by the Governor of California 
that forbids choral singing in churches.

Your Excellency,

I hereby express my protest against the recent prohibition of liturgical singing in houses of worship, which is an infringement of the rights and religious freedoms of the clergy and faithful of the Western American Diocese of the Russian Diaspora, the other Local Orthodox Churches, performing their ministry in this state, as well as other religious bodies.

Video Presentation from the Symposium “Saint John and His Legacy” - 07/02/2020

On July 1st, 2016, Archpriest Sergei Kotar, a cleric of Holy Virgin Cathedral and founder of Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy, shares his recollections of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Wonderworker and many of the latter's miracles wrought in the school.

This presentation was one of many given at the Symposium sponsored by the Saints Athanasius and Cyril Institute for Orthodox Studies, which was entitled “Saint John and His Legacy”, and was dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of his repose (1966-2016).

“We Wake Up Hoping That It Was All A Nightmare” – The Lessons of the Pandemic - 06/18/2020

In other words, saying precisely when our lives will return to normal is very difficult. Like, on the other hand, answering the question will that life essentially be normal, i.e. as before. But we might, and I believe we should, take a different approach. That is to say we should try to understand the effect this ordeal has had on our thinking and what we have learned from it. Or otherwise on what should we have reflected and what should we have learned. Or still alternatively what insight can we obtain from it, how can our minds become enriched, disregarding the tragedy and incredible complexity of what has occurred.

I will attempt to share what I have come to understand.

1. It seems to me that it is worth placing first the obvious necessity of being prepared for anything in life. We often feel...

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Paschal Epistle from His Eminence KYRILL Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America, 2020 - 04/13/2020

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