Western American Diocese
Western American Diocese
"Pursuing Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Modern Psychology."

Educational Seminar

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 1:00 PM,

The Large Hall of the HOLY VIRGIN CATHEDRAL (6210 Geary Boulevard, SF) will host an Educational seminar on aspects of Psychology from a Christian worldview.

The following reports will be given to the audience:

✜ Modern Psychology and the Orthodox Approach to the Healing of the Soul: Some Reflections, by His Grace, James (CORAZZA), Bishop of Sonora, second vicar of the Western American Diocese.

✜ Bridging Christianity and Psychological Science, by Priest George KAPLANOV Psy.S., Psychology; B.Th., Theological Studies.

✜ Orthodox Perspective on Addiction and Recovery (via ZOOM), by Deacon Stefan STOYANOV M.Sc., Mental Health Counseling; B.Th., Theological Studies.

✜ Question-and-answer sessions will follow the presentations.


Come if your interest is piqued!

Lunch will be provided!

Email the following address to register: email@worldview.education

Voluntary donation $15

Your contribution can be made using Zelle on the name Georgiy Kaplanov (415) 205-4424 or PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/Wor1dview.

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