Western American Diocese
Western American Diocese
Order Daily Commemorations of the Departed During Great Lent at Holy Virgin Cathedral - 03/09/2021

Dear brothers and sisters!
During Great Lent the commemoration of the dead should, and must, be done daily in our personal prayers, at the liturgy on the weekends, and especially – on Soul Saturdays.  The Church’s main method of commemorating the dead is done through prayer at the proskomedia (preparatory part of the Liturgy). The priest, while in the altar, extracts a piece from the prosphora as the names, submitted on slips of paper by the faithful, are read. The commemoration slips are read at Liturgy as well. However, during the  Great Fast the entire structure of life within the Church changes, including the Divine Services – full liturgies on weekdays are not performed, and therefore the prayers for the dead are offered less often.

In order to compensate for the absence of daily church commemorations for the departed, ...

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