Western American Diocese
Western American Diocese
The Benevolent Memorial Fund of St. Archbishop John VIRTUAL FUNDRAISER - 10/13/2020

Dear Friends of the St John Memorial Fund,

Please join us on October 18 for a virtual fundraising event in lieu of our annual luncheon!
The event will feature a presentation from the Mother Maria,  the Administrator of the Orthodox School in Bethany (Holy Land), beginning with a greeting from His Eminence, Bishop Theodosy of Seattle. In keeping with the tradition of our annual luncheon a live drawing for prizes will conclude the event. Prizes include the hand painted icon of Saint John shown on the left (8 x 11.5 inches, $500 value). 
Event information: Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 1:00 -2:30 pm (PDT)

Zoom Meeting ID: 881 9711 4332

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/ 88197114332

Join by Phone: 408-6380968 (enter zoom meeting ID followed by #)

For more information or to make a donation online please visit our website here.

Your donation is tax deductible and goes entirely toward the cause you choose. Your name will be included in the prize drawing.

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St. Silouan Monastery Feast Will Be Closed To Pilgrims This Year - 09/17/2020

It is with regret that I inform you that the Feast Day of the St. Silouan Monastery on September 23/24 will not be open to pilgrims this year. Due to the prevalence at the Monastery of thick smoke from the forest fires—which are predicted to continue through September and beyond; the risk of forest fires emerging near the property; the high outdoor temperatures and the possibility of rolling power outages, and the challenges posed by complying with the restrictions associated with the virus situation, it is clear that this is not the time for the Monastery to host a festal celebration.  Accordingly, the doors to the Monastery will be closed to pilgrims. We hope that the circumstances for the celebration next year of the Feast of St. Silouan at the Monastery will allow for our festive gathering. You may send your list of commemorations for the living and the departed to the following address: St. Silouan Monastery, 21285 Old Sonora Columbia Road, Sonora, CA 95370-8807.

+ Bishop James of Sonora

New Saturday St John Moleben Live-streaming Schedule - 08/10/2020

Beginning Saturday, August 8, the weekly Saturday livestreamed Moleben (service of Intercession) to St. John, Wonderworker of Shanghai & San Francisco will now begin at 4:30 pm, 15 minutes later than previously. Please make a note of this.

Link to Holy Virgin Cathedral live-stream here

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